IBL provides services through combined expertise (finance, law, IT and science) and makes full use of technological advancements – to minimise costs for clients. 

Quote for 'No Office'

Making use of latest advancements, can save a great deal of expense. For instance, having unnecessary offices with today’s advancements, is a waste of clients’ money – obvious also from quote on the right, from https://goo.gl/MXGTWz.

LANGUAGES: Our team includes native speakers in  ̵  English   ̵  Russian   ̵  Portuguese   ̵  Albanian   ̵  Italian.

AREAS OF ADVICE: IBL advises businesses, research institutions and individuals in relation to:

  • International business transactions

including: Business deals, Contracts, Investment, Property, Private wealth.

  • Genomics / genetics related matters

including: Scientific findings and what they mean for individuals and society; Data protection and Privacy (e.g. processing, cross-border transfers); Ethical concerns; and Commercialisation (patents).

  • Technology transfers

including: Research and development agreements (from negotiations to closing); licensing; sale.

  • Software and technology agreements.

IBL works with InLab, Goldsmiths University of London, a leading International Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Investigations into Individual Differences in Learning, to provide specialist practice-oriented short training courses and to cover other scientific-related matters.