Advice and training from inter-disciplinary teams with multinational experience 


– In person and online

You will be advised on collaborations and contracts by a team of leading scientists and lawyers, with extensive experience internationally.

Clients are often faced with extortionate legal fees. For example, in divorce proceedings, legal fees have often reached over £1 million per case, and as much as £10 million. A fixed 2 hours advice is likely to save you numerous hours of lawyer billing.

You will receive advice from a team of multi-disciplinary trained professionals who are passionate about growth of Small and Medium businesses.

Individuals are among the most vulnerable in the society. The laws are complex, and the procedures even more complex. We will explain you each step so that you have full knowledge and control of the whole process.

To provide services of high quality and value, at IBL we combine legal, financial & scientific expertise.  Interdisciplinary expertise is essential to provide high quality services at a low cost for clients.

We minimise clients’ costs through advanced use of technology. Making use of latest advancements, can save agreat deal of expense. For instance, having unnecessary offices with today’s advancements, is a waste ofclients’ money – obvious also from quote on the right, from

Local expertise

One of our strengths is local knowledge in:

the UK

the US



In other countries we have partner firms, well-selected for high quality services and client care.

You will benefit from a passionate interdisciplinary team

Our team includes:

English Barristers

U.S. Attorneys




Software Engineers