Business Deals / Contracts

A good business deal / agreement is one that eliminates future disputes. International dispute resolution (litigation and arbitration) is highly complex – generally causing loss to all parties involved. With this in mind, and to provide cost-effective advice to our clients, avoiding intermediate fees, IBL provides inter-disciplinary one-stop-services from Barristers, Economists, Scientists, IT Engineers and other specialists. Your case / inquiry will be handled by an efficient team selected as to the needs of your case, thus keeping costs down.

We cover business-to-business transactions and those with and among individuals and governmental institutions. We can handle part or all elements of the proposed transaction, as to your requirements. We handle all commercial contracts ranging from straightforward agreements to complex multi-party projects spanning multiple jurisdictions. This would include:

  • Assessing any potential and actual risks
  • Negotiating your transactions
  • Drafting the agreements / commercial contracts, and
  • Closing the deal

When assessing the risks involved in the proposed business transaction we focus on the laws of the countries involved, the reliability of the respective judicial systems, enforcement of judgements and economical stability. We also take under consideration the cultural differences.

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