Conference Presentation

Training to deliver presentations to specialists and general audiences

Quality presentations are a rarity across all professions, including among the Bar (barristers’ profession), who are specially trained for advocating a point. The reason is simple – conference presenting requires many complex skills, including selecting the information you wish to deliver, structuring it, and delivering it.

When you have delivered a presentation, have you ever asked yourself what percentage of the audience followed throughout your presentation and fully understood what you wanted them to?

This course covers all the skills needed to deliver presentations to specialist and general audiences.

You will learn:

  • how to select content from large amounts of information for a short presentation
  • how to structure this content in a way that is enjoyable to follow
  • how to communicate your message effectively and persuasively
  • how to use voice and body language to keep audience engaged throughout
  • how to speak clearly
  • how to take care of your voice; and
  • how to take care of your posture

Course delivery

This training is delivered by English barristers who are passionate about disseminating the invaluable advocacy and public speaking skills taught at the English Bar.