Jointly with InLab, Goldsmiths University of London, we provide Goldsmiths AIR Courses

Our courses are:

Interdisciplinary: Most courses include essential elements from other disciplines, e.g. Advocacy is completed with cutting edge knowledge in Psychology, essential to every advocate.

Interactive: To ensure maximum benefits for you, we have designed these courses to allow for interaction from all participants, including by limiting the number of students per class.

Tailored to each student’s needs: Individual students’ needs and interests are, where possible, accommodated, e.g. students are provided with materials and support as to their needs and interests.

Taught by leading experts: Courses are organised and taught by leading experts with practice and teaching experience internationally.

Please browse through the list below of all our 1-day or 2-evenings, 5-day and 2-week courses. Tailor-made individualised courses are also available, contact us for further information.

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International Business Law – 5-day course

Learn to handle the most complex and exciting legal transactions: international business law transactions.

This course is taught by lawyers with international practice and teaching experience, and leading psychologists from our Department of Psychology – ranked in the top 100 of the world.

Advocacy – 5-day course

This course is designed and taught by barristers and psychologists.

Advocacy is an art, and a beautiful skill that can be mastered. As mastering advocacy skills requires self-improvements, in addition to advocacy training (as taught at the Bar), knowledge of psychological science, which will enable you to understand your capabilities, limitations and how to use them effectively, is essential.

In the same way, as advocacy is to do with people – persuading, examining witnesses, cross-examining witnesses, etc. – understanding the psychology of people makes advocacy much more effective. It also makes possible for ethical advocacy – advocacy which protects the truth and which protects the vulnerable – including, children and people with learning difficulties.

Advocacy in one day

Learn the art of courtroom advocacy as applied in English courts and taught at the English Bar.

Academic Writing, Publishing and Presenting – 5-day course

Learn to write well, publish in good leading journals, and deliver powerful public presentations.

This course is taught by international renowned academics, with extensive experience of publishing, reviewing and editing for top journals and presenting to diverse audiences.

Academic Writing and Publishing – 1-day course

Learn from the highly cited academics how to improve your writing in one day. Get the top tips from experienced editors and reviewers on how to get your work published.

Public Speaking and Presenting – 1-day course

Public speaking is a beautiful and important art. It is an art which can be learned and mastered.

Psychology in One Day

Take an exciting journey through the most diverse of sciences. Discover Psychology not as a motley collection of theories, but as a powerful sciene that aims to improve people’s lives

Accessible Genetics – 1-day course

We live in the genomic era, and knowledge is power and key to advancement. Genetic knowledge is expanding and is already commonly used in medicine and forensics. It is likely that in the near future genetic information will be used in many other spheres of our lives.

Introduction to R: Introduction to Data Analysis & Programming – 5-day course

Learn how to process and analyse data using many of R’s powerful functions, install packages for additional functionality and produce high quality graphics for use in publications.

Introduction to Python: Introduction to Data Analysis & Programming – 5-day course

Learn how to manipulate and shape your data, automatic processes or write bespoke programs.

This is a practical introduction to programming using Python.

This course is aimed at those new to programming and provides an introduction to programming using Python.

Python for Data Analysis: Flexi-length

A practical introduction to the Python programming language for data manipulation and analysis.

This course focuses on how to write and run simple data analysis programs in Python, and builds on these using some of the powerful extensions available in Python. This will be achieved through hands-on worked examples of real life data problems. By the end of the course you will have created simple programs that can be re-purposed to solve a wide range of data-centric problems.



This interdisciplinary programme provides training in both the basic scientific and technological principles of modern research methods, and in their application to understanding and improving human development.

Students will develop a foundational knowledge of all aspects of human development, including biological foundations of individual differences, gene-environment processes, brain mechanisms, cognitive and other psychological processes. Students will acquire the principles and main aspects of data acquisition and analyses, and gain a good working knowledge of modern methods for scientific investigation of human development.

The design of the course aims to maximise students’ transferable skills, including the training in publishing in leading academic journals, presenting at international conferences, and translating research to practice. Our international research partners from world leading universities include: King’s College London; Goldsmiths, University of London; University of Sussex, Ohio State University, Laval University, Moscow State University and other.

Together with our partners, we promote research that is of direct relevance for clinical, educational, training and other types of practice – towards improving human development. With leading reputation, excellent infrastructure and extensive international links, TSU is a great place to be a student.

Students on this programme are immersed in a world-class international interdisciplinary scientific environment, taught by leading experts in the fields. The programme is relevant for educationalists, clinicians and policymakers – equipping them with sound understanding of cutting edge knowledge about human development. The programme is also relevant for researchers – equipping them with theoretical understanding and methodology for interdisciplinary research into human development. Students will benefit from active research environment and excellent infrastructure.

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