Advising on all aspect of Landlord-tenant Service Charge issues

Free 20-minute consultation

Service charge dispute resolution system is a maze. To those who have not experienced it, the system may seem otherwise, but in practice is very complex and unpredictable.

Common issues include:

  • Unreasonable charges
  • Poor services
  • Poor management
  • Shifting of responsibility
  • Complex schemes with freeholders, superior leaseholders (e.g. ownership for 999 years), leaseholders (e.g. ownership for 125 years), and tenants.

In a 2-hour consultation we will advice you on:

  • Whether representation is essential or to act in person.
  • The merits of your case
  • How to prepare for the Tribunal and the case
  • How to deal with lawyers
  • What to expect from the opponents at the Tribunal
  • The weight the Tribunal places on particular evidence
  • An overview of past decisions
  • Costs
  • Hidden relevant costs

Price: £300