Advising on all aspect of Landlord-tenant Service Charge issues

Free 20-minute consultation

Service charge dispute resolution system is a maze. To those who have not experienced it, the system may seem otherwise, but in practice it is very complex and unpredictable. For more information on how key leasehold dispute issues are dealt with by the Tribunal, and key issues the self-represented people (litigants in person) face in Tribunals and courts, see a paper by Fatos Selita, published recently in Legal Issues Journal: UNREPRESENTED LITIGANTS IN MODERN COURTS – ORDEAL BY COMBAT.

Common issues include:

  • Unreasonable charges
  • Poor services
  • Poor management
  • Shifting of responsibility
  • Complex schemes with freeholders, superior leaseholders (e.g. ownership for 999 years), leaseholders (e.g. ownership for 125 years), and tenants.

In a 2-hour consultation we will advice you on:

  • Whether representation is essential or to act in person.
  • The merits of your case
  • How to prepare for the Tribunal and the case
  • How to deal with lawyers
  • What to expect from the opponents at the Tribunal
  • The weight the Tribunal places on particular evidence
  • An overview of past decisions
  • Costs
  • Hidden relevant costs

Price: £300