Private client services

Wealth management

If you are looking to invest in the UK or one of the other countries we operate, we offer full services, which include:

  • Property: residential and commercial real estate—including acquisitions, sales, leases and other agreements such as contracts with architects, builders and other parties
  • Business startup
  • Immigration – employment and other visas including point- based, family and investment visas
  • Relocation

Bespoke service to help your child find a School of your choice.

Navigating the education system in England and Wales is difficult for parents who live here, let alone for parents who are from abroad.

We can help you settle down and assist in finding accommodation of your choice and within your budget. We can do all the running around for you so that you do not need to stress yourself over things including dealing with all the paperwork as well as liaising with professionals and agents.

We, at IBL, have established experience in helping parents manoeuvre through the education system so that you get your child into a recognised Independent School. We can guide you and help you find which School is right for you and recommend Schools based on your child’s ability and your own views. We can liaise with the School directly on your behalf as well as assist with the cumbersome application and interview process.

If your child’s skills are weak, we can recommend additional tutoring so that your child has no difficulty during the crucial stages.