Advising on International Business Transactions

  • Pre negotiations advice, including risks (bad laws – good laws; bad courts – good courts; good laws – bad courts; etc.)
  • Business/ commercial contracts and deals (negotiations, drafting and closing)
  • Dispute resolution (Court, Arbitration and Mediation)

Advising on Landlord-tenant Service Charge issues

  • Unreasonable charges
  • Poor services
  • Poor management
  • Shifting of responsibility

Assisting with Genetic related matters

  • Health: self, family, heritability, gene-environment processes, genes and behavior etc..
  • Law: Genetic data, discrimination ( insurance, employment, race), manipulation etc.
  • What current genetic findings mean for you
  • General genetic related concerns

Managing your lawyer(s) & legal bills

  • 1 hour consultation that will clarify:
  • whether you need to hire a lawyer for your case
  • What to prepare (documents and questions) for the meeting with the lawyers
  • Other tips that will reduce the potentially very high costs of your legal representation

You will benefit from a passionate interdisciplinary team

Our team includes:

English Barristers

U.S. Attorneys





Software Engineers