Consultancy from multi-disciplinary experts 

International business advice

We have years of expertise in international business matters – contracts, negotiation, legal risk assessments and a lot more…

Wellbeing and performance at work

We have world leading experts in the areas with experience across the work. We can help with corporate performance, burnout, stress and much more.  

Genes, science and law

Help from leading geneticists and genetic data lawyers with meaning of tests, use of genetic information, protection and a much more.

In person and live online

We have a team of experts in law, psychology, genetics, cognitive sciences, education and more. All advisers are university researchers and practitioners.  



International & domestic, Advice, Drafting, Risk assessment, Litigation risks, Training

How genetic data can be misused, Discrimination, Law in place, Data issues, Training 

Training is provided by experts with training in psychology, human mind and human development. 



Case/dispute assessment, Mediation, Contracts, Advice

Selecting and organising of evidence, Communications, Planning to complete case within budget 

We make use of latest advancements, saving clients’ expense and time. 

Local expertise for business and legal matters

the UK

the US


In other countries – vetted partner firms.