Minimising divorce costs


‘In a divorce only lawyers win’. It is commonly known that divorce legal fees are out of proportion. Why?


Unlike, for example, in criminal cases, where it is good for lawyers to win, in divorce cases there is no such as win or lose. Divorce cases are therefore a ‘paradise’ for most lawyers. There is no incentive for lawyers to settle or solve matters quickly.

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‘A task will take all the time you have’. 

A lawyer’s task will take all the time he can justify, often leading to taking all the money you have.

As a sales person needs buyers for their products, lawyers need buyers for their services. Unlike products, which are generally fixed, services are fluid / elastic. A task you give to a lawyer, will take the lawyer all the time he can justify, and justifying time spent on legal work is generally very easy. For individuals to know and manage the work lawyers do in their case – is generally a fiction.

Length of consultation with us will be fixed from the start, so we have no incentive to delay, but only to help you solve your case with minimal costs.

How we can help

In a single consultation, we advise you as to:

  • what information to bring to the lawyer
  • What questions to ask
  • How to manage your case
  • How to go about to settle in a cost effective way


Typical real case example:

  • Client meets lawyer
  • Lawyer cannot give price estimate – says it depends on how the dispute goes, including where parties agree.
  • Case starts and lawyers start negotiations
  • Lawyer charges for every single email, phone call, etc.
  • Negotiations go in circles, repeating over and over. E.g. a recent client spent £50,000.00 and nothing has been solved yet. This cases is an ordinary case – very straightforward – but lawyers keep going back and forth and charging for every move.

Minimising legal costs for other cases

A short consultation will clarify:

  • whether you need to hire a lawyer for your case
  • What to prepare (documents and questions) for the meeting with the lawyers
  • Other tips that will reduce the potentially very high costs of your legal representation