International business transactions

Most disputes can be avoided at negotiation stage, and even more disputes can be avoided at contract stage, and almost all remaining disputes can be settled without court or arbitration action. We can help you with these stages – to avoid the unnecessary litigation costs, time and stress. We help with:

  • Pre negotiations advice, including risks (transaction risks and litigation risks)
  • Contracts negotiations, drafting and closing
  • Settling disputes
  • Arbitration

Genetic related matters – your genetic data and related legal issues

Genetics is a complex science, and advise is essential prior to taking decisions including in relation to:

  • Health: self, family, heritability, gene-environment processes, genes and behavior etc..
  • Law: Genetic data, discrimination ( insurance, employment, race), manipulation etc.
  • What current genetic findings mean for you

Enhancing performance at work

Using only replicated scientific findings – and moving away from the general trend of relying on pseudoscience. We also bring to you many years of experience training a range of professionals, including lawyers, scientists, university management, corporate professionals (e.g. bankers). We can, for example, help with:

  • Managing stress and pressure at work;
  • Increasing productivity and improving performance in highly demanding roles;
  • Improving decision making; and
  • Effective internal and external communications, including Public speaking.



Pro bono

Landlord-tenant Service Charge issues

We offer full support, including:

  • Case preparation
  • Unreasonable charges
  • Poor services
  • Poor management
  • Shifting of responsibility

Managing legal / dispute costs

We offer full support and guidance on how to minimise legal costs. We offer help with the whole case (dispute avoidance and settlement, but not court action or litigation), or 1 hour or more (as to need) consultation that will clarify:

  • whether you need to hire a lawyer for your case
  • What to prepare (documents and questions) for the meeting with the lawyers
  • Other tips that will reduce the potentially very high costs of your legal representation